Meet the team

We’re a friendly bunch here at Think Dyslexia. You’ll find our Surrey team first, followed by our Hampshire team, and then the rest of South England.

All of our specialist teachers hold a Level 5 qualification and several hold Level 7. 

Our assessors hold a Level 7 Assessment Practicing Certificate (APC) with PATOSS.

Ann Behn Dyslexia Assessor and Teacher

With a family of 3 boys, Ann has a keen interest in the process of learning, and the impact that outstanding teaching can have on a child’s confidence within the classroom. Having worked for many years as a Specialist Teacher within the Independent Sector, and for several years within the State Sector, she came across an infinite variety of learning profiles. This sparked her interest in understanding how a child’s underlying ability, cognitive skills and attainments can be pieced together, in the context of background information, to enable the formulation of a cohesive way forward for that child, and she moved into the area of Specialist Assessment. She assesses full time for Specific Learning Difficulties and loves her work.

“It is a great privilege to work with children who are experiencing difficulties at school. Whether or not there is a specific learning difficulty, carefully considered reporting and effective, targeted recommendations for practical ways forward can make all the difference in a child’s life at school and beyond.”

Caris Stoller Dyslexia Teacher

Caris undertakes diagnostic assessments for students of all ages.

Her assessment reports help older students harness their strengths and manage any weaknesses, as they work towards GCSEs, A Levels or degree study. She follows the report format required by Student Finance England for DSA applications and is trained in the impact of dyslexia on Maths skills, how to coach Critical Thinking techniques and how to identify signs of a wider range of SpLDs – such as Developmental Coordination Difficulties (DCD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – in over 16’s. She is therefore sensitive to a broad range of individual needs during her assessments and can provide very useful support recommendations.

Caris spent several years assessing and providing 1-2-1 multi-sensory tuition for primary age children as Principal of Dyslexia Action Winchester and still thoroughly enjoys working with this younger age group. She has a particular interest in explaining easy and fun strategies which parents can use to support their children at home.

She combines diagnostic assessments with her work in secondary schools and colleges, assessing students for Access Arrangements and screening Key Stage 3 students to identify the profile and needs of those not making expected progress.

Caris’s background is as a linguist and written communications professional. She completed Graduate Teacher Training before starting to focus on SpLD assessment and support ten years ago. Caris has a Level 7 qualification in Assessing Students for SpLDs and a current PATOSS Practising Certificate.

Kaari Dyslexia Teacher

Working for many years in a boys’ prep school, and with her own daughter having made her way through the state and independent school systems, Kaari is well placed to give support and guidance to children taking this path through their education. She enjoys working in all educational settings and is a kind voice of calm when the demands of the curriculum, particularly when coupled with a specific learning difficulty, can become intense. Through targeted specialist teaching, Kaari has a clear view of the longer-term objectives for each child, which is appreciated by parents and pupils alike. Kaari is a strongly maternal influence on the children she teaches and their families.

“I care for the children I teach immensely, and it is very rewarding seeing them achieve their goals.”

Sarah Fielding Dyslexia Teacher

Sarah teaches to students’ strengths, while supporting and enabling them with areas of need. She sets up and adapts individual learning programmes that will build on strengths and move on weaknesses. She loves finding alternative ways to engage students and new ways to explain things that are complex or difficult. She believes in the power of study skills and, in particular, visualising and mind-mapping. Some days are successful, some days will be tough for young people because of the issues they face in their life and in learning. Sarah feels it is important to bring a sense of humour into her lessons, so that learning is relaxed but effective.

‘I am fascinated by the process of learning, and love working out how a student learns best. It is a huge pleasure to be able to motivate and equip students with strategies and skills that will make a positive difference for them. Sometimes comparatively simple tasks are long and arduous for some students. I always feel confident that students can achieve and succeed. I offer hope and encouragement and I celebrate all victories.’

Sarah Newman Dyslexia Teacher

Following a first degree in Neuroscience and a ten-year career in Information Science, Sarah began retraining as a maths teacher in 2015. She completed a Mathematics Enhancement Course run by Roehampton & Kingston Universities prior to successfully completing a PGCE course through the Institute of Education & Sutton SCITT.

Sarah taught Maths to Key Stage 3 & 4 students at a highly selective grammar school, Wilson’s School in Wallington, and then at Glenthorne High Comprehensive School before moving into a primary school setting. During her time teaching in Key Stage 2, she has honed her ability to explain the fundamental concepts of mathematics on which all later learning depends. She has also gained invaluable experience providing 1:1 and small group support to children with Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD as well as working to extend the most gifted and able mathematicians.

As a parent of two school-age boys, and a maths tutor, Sarah has been able to experiment with a wide range of maths games, puzzles and manipulative materials designed to make practice feel less repetitive whilst identifying and addressing the common misconceptions which can occur when learning maths. She finds this approach extremely helpful in developing confidence alongside good communication and reasoning skills in all her students.

Diane Jones Dyslexia Teacher

Diane loves to teach math and her lessons incorporate a variety of light-hearted games and tactile resources to help maths come alive for her students. A dyslexic learner herself, Diane is uniquely placed to appreciate and understand the difficulties that her students experience, and her warmth and kindness offer immense support and reassurance to younger learners.

“I know how difficult I found learning at school, and I wanted to help young learners benefit from my experiences and the ways I have learned to overcome some of the obstacles I faced.”

Leo Sandwell Dyslexia Teacher

A parent of 3 children, Leo recalls the stresses of the prep school entrance system, and steers her students (and their parents) through the emotional turbulence of both pre-testing and Common Entrance. Equipping her students with a ‘tool box of strategies’ to cope with the growing pressures of 11+ and into Key Stage 3 beyond, Leo helps to bolster her students’ confidence and help them embrace the growing demands of the wider curriculum.

“I love to champion the underdog and help a retiring child realise a growing self-esteem and resilience with which to face the demands of education in their teenage years.”

Anna Chappelle Dyslexia Teacher

Anna’s passion for teaching spans many years, and local families may know her from her role at Claremont Fan Court preparatory school. Anna spent much of her early career as a classroom teacher, but increasingly focused on children with special educational needs. She loves the opportunity to work on a 1:1 basis with children who may have dyslexic or dyscalculic difficulties, and relishes the more direct influence her teaching can have over her pupils’ progress. Working at Key Stage 2 for many years, Anna well understands the increasing pressure that many children face in progressing to their preferred senior school, and her calm, nurturing nature are a great source of support to parents and children alike.

“After working with upwards of 20 children in my lessons, working 1:1 is a real luxury. I love being able to see such clear progress, and the affect that can have on a struggling child’s self-esteem.”

Think Dyslexia Teaching

Amanda initially started her teaching career in the world of dance and Pilates before retraining as a specialist literacy teacher.  She still teaches Pilates and has a keen interest in the benefits of linking movement and learning.  Having worked in both mainstream and specialist schools, and as parent of a dyslexic son, Amanda recognises the constant daily challenges that are often incredibly demanding to a child who has a learning difference.  She believes strongly in offering a safe haven where mistakes are readily accepted and the pace of learning is guided by the child.  Activities are fun, creative and personalised to harmonise the child’s natural strengths and interests.

‘It never ceases to amaze me how differently the brain works, processes and responds in the way that we think and learn.  As much as I am there to facilitate learning and help make the curriculum more accessible, the thrill of learning with the child is a wonderful privilege and exciting experience.  Allowing a child to learn, with a sense of freedom and no classroom constraints, so that they can be who they really are is a real joy’.

Sarah English Dyslexia Teacher

Sarah trained as a Specialist Teacher nearly ten years ago, after a long career in nursing. This change was motivated by the fact that her three children are dyslexic, and required continuing support at home. This has given her insight into both the demands on children as they move through the education system from primary school through to university, and the concerns parents feel. Since then, Sarah has worked in a number of primary and secondary schools, both in the state and private system.

Her particular interests include maintaining self-esteem, and developing a battery of strategies to access the demands of the classroom.

Sarah is also particularly interested in teaching study skills, giving children vital revision and planning skills to aid memory, allowing them to maximise their potential.

“I think we are all unique individuals, and I aim to make every lesson I teach unique and memorable. I endeavour to use the child’s individual learning style and interests to make the lesson interesting and accessible to them. Self-esteem, I believe, is the key to success. My aim is to bolster that self-esteem and encourage children to develop strategies that allow them to achieve their potential.”

Jo Harrop Dyslexia Teacher

Joanna trained as a Specialist Teacher whilst working as a Teacher within Primary Education. Her interest in dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties developed from her experiences as both a parent and a primary teacher. Her key objective is to support a child’s learning through a multisensory approach that engages with the child’s interests. Joanna feels it is important to draw upon children’s strengths to support the areas of learning they may be struggling with. Assessing and locating a point of breakdown is key to addressing individual needs, so that any barriers to learning can be addressed. Joanna will help children understand the ways they learn best so that they can take an active role in their learning.

“It is a privilege to be able to deliver specialist 1-1 teaching and positively influence a child’s learning journey and it is a joy to see children learning at a pace that is right for them’. She believes it is important to nurture a child’s self-esteem and confidence so that they have a positive image about their learning. It is important that parents feel empowered to support their children’s learning at home and so fostering positive working relationships is also key to success.”

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