Dyslexia specialist teaching

Specialist teaching can help a child to unlock their potential – whether it be short term study and revision strategies to assist older learners prior to examinations, or longer term sustained intervention to develop core literacy and/or numeracy skills.

Our team of specialist teachers provides bespoke one-to-one teaching to pupils with a range of specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia and dyscalculia. Lessons most often take place within school during the hours of the usual school day, but arrangements can be made for after school lessons. Weekend lessons are sometimes available too.

Lessons are generally one hour in length. Frequency and duration of lessons is agreed after close discussion between parents, the specialist teacher and school staff. Each child is unique, and consequently there is no ‘standard’ approach – some children benefit from several one-to-one lessons per week, whilst others find enough support from one dedicated weekly lesson that dovetails with their school timetable.

Think Dyslexia Face-to-Face

Online, face-to-face or blended learning

Think Dyslexia Remote

Online teaching

Borne from the pandemic and shown to be a fantastic way of learning for many children, (who are extremely computer literate), online teaching is here to stay.

Think Dyslexia Teaching


The tried and tested traditional teaching format. We teach either at home or in school; whatever works best for you and your child.

Think Dyslexia Hybrid

Blended learning

A mixture of online and face-to-face learning, perfect to suit you and your child’s schedule.

Think Dyslexia Remote

Personalised learning programmes

Teachers take time to ascertain and understand the individual learning style of each child. They liaise with parents, teachers and other professionals (where necessary) and read any formal reports that may have previously been carried out. They are then able to compile a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP), put together with carefully selected targets that are both relevant and achievable to enable the best level of support and success for every pupil. The PLP also helps parents and school to keep track of a pupil’s learning and outcomes.

Lessons are usually planned on a termly basis. Success breeds success, and a child that realises progress can grow in self-esteem and start to develop the confidence and self-belief to work with greater independence.

Holiday teaching

Holiday teaching is also offered on a weekly basis during the Summer recess and can prove valuable in helping a child maintain their progress during this long holiday period. Lessons are generally held on pre-determined days each week and are scheduled for an hour’s duration. However, home teaching to suit parents can often be arranged.

Our same team of teachers works closely to ensure continuity for those children who already have a Personalised Learning Programme. Whether lessons are on a single ad-hoc basis, or for a more sustained holiday programme, they are stimulating and fun with lots of encouragement being given.

Small group holiday sessions are also available (spelling, writing skills, memory techniques, study skills etc) depending on demand.   

Think Dyslexia Face to Face Teaching

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