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Dyslexia Teaching, Assessments and Training

Think Dyslexia specialises in providing bespoke one-to-one teaching and specialist assessment for children, at home or school. Building their self-esteem and developing their individual learning strategies is central to what we do. Our highly qualified specialist teachers hold a Level 5 qualification and our assessors hold a Level 7 and an Assessment Practicing Certificate with PATOSS. We have many years’ experience in teaching and assessing children.

Think Dyslexia Face-to-Face


Face-to-face, remote or blended teaching for children, both in and out of school.

Specialist teaching can help a child to unlock their potential – whether it be short term study and revision strategies to assist older learners prior to examinations, or longer term sustained intervention to develop core literacy and/or numeracy skills.


Dyslexia assessments for children, university students and adults.

Think Dyslexia’s Specialist Assessors (APC PATOSS) are highly trained.  Their professional qualifications enable them to diagnose dyslexia. They have a wealth of knowledge on dyslexia and the impact this specific learning difficulty may have on literacy, numeracy and other aspects of a student’s life.

Think Dyslexia Assessments
Think Dyslexia Training


Training to help school staff understand the challenges dyslexic students face.

We work in tandem with specialists across the spectrum of learning difficulties and workshops can be arranged for your school – for example how to deal with anxiety and exam stress. Please do be in touch to learn more.


Our Director & Assessor

Ann Behn | Director
With a family of 3 boys, Ann has a keen interest in the process of learning, and the impact that outstanding teaching can have on a child’s confidence within the classroom. She assesses full time for Specific Learning Difficulties and loves her work.

“It is a great privilege to work with children who are experiencing difficulties at school. Whether or not there is a specific learning difficulty, carefully considered reporting and effective, targeted recommendations for practical ways forward can make all the difference in a child’s life at school and beyond.”
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We operate throughout the South of England. Click on the closest location to you to see how we can help and to get in touch.

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